Jun 17, 2015

Your Point of Personal Power!

Increase your personal power

Increase your personal power

The phrase, “Your Point of Personal Power” has an amazing affect. Just saying it once causes you to want to say it again and with more power, and again, and again. It drives a surge of energy through your mind and body, stimulating the adrenaline, raising your blood pressure and pulse rate and making you want to go out and accomplish something!

I presented this topic to one of the largest real estate companies in Dallas/Fort Worth on 6/16/15 and shared with the sales team, and others, how there are specific points of personal power we each possess. Notice how you can make of each one of these yourself:

1) NOW. Now, not five minutes ago, an hour ago, a day ago, a week, month, or year ago is where your personal power exists. You can’t do anything about what happened in those previous moments. Right now is your opportunity to stop managing your situation and start creating the future you desire!

2) Quantum Physics. According to the most proven Quantum Physics mathematical formula, it isn’t your past that causes you to be where you are now, it’s your future. All opposing possibilities of what your future will be have been cancelled out leaving only one future. And, it’s the one that you’re intending to have now. What you’re intending your future to be has positioned you where you are right now.

3) Words. With each word that you say to yourself or to others, you are in a point of power. Words, and being aware that we have thoughts and are able to use words to express them is called “consciousness”. It’s what separates us from every other life form on earth. Yet, we use words within our own minds and in communicating with others very flippantly. The next time you find yourself using negative language, consider your personal power. Are the words you’re using inside your mind growing or diminishing your personal power? Are the words you’re using with others giving them power or taking it away?

Every moment of “NOW” is your time to choose where your personal power will go. Will you invest it and make it grow? Will you use it in a way to cause it to diminish? You have a choice…now.

Dr. Edward Lewellen is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.