Sep 09, 2015

You Should Fear the Fear of Fear


Fear is a natural part of being human. We need fear to avoid being hurt; whether that’s from falling down a flight of stairs, touching a hot stove, or engaging with someone that has obvious intent to harm us. However, we have come to have fears that we create totally and unequivocally only in our minds. From being fearful of what you think others are saying about you at the water cooler, to fear of losing your job, to the dreaded speaking in public, the reality is there is no reality to your fears until (more like “if”) they happen. Until then, most fears are of our own creation; imaginations, hallucinations, and energy-draining thoughts that diminish our ability to perform at the level we have the potential to reach.

The next time you feel that sensation in your stomach that seems to spin through your core up to your mind and creates the sensation of your thoughts spinning out of control, remember the following story:

Once upon a time the Emperor of the gods decided to go on a trip and leave all the little gods in charge. While he was away a big monster came towards the castle they lived in and they grew very afraid; and the more scared they became the bigger it grew until it was gigantic. The little gods quivered and cowered behind the castle walls. Just at that moment the Emperor of the gods came home and saw what was happening…’Oh you fools!’ he laughed. This is no monster, this is fear, he lives on your fear of fear. ‘Oh!’ said the little gods and as they became unafraid the monster began to shrink and shrink until it was no bigger than a mouse. ‘Shall we get rid of it?’ asked one of the little gods. ‘No’ laughed the Emperor, ‘Let’s keep him, he might have some uses, sometimes, from time to time…’

Dr. Edward Lewellen is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

Author of The 90-Second Mind Manager