Jan 06, 2015

What Will YOUR Leadership Legacy Be?

Live. Love. Learn. Leave a Legacy. Four key elements of having a satisfying life that Dr. Stephen Covey shared with us. What will be your legacy? Have you fully considered it? Why is it important?

I invite you to connect with me to discuss this very important part of your life. Too many people wait until they don’t have enough time to change a legacy they would rather not have or to create the legacy they really want remaining after they are gone. As a certified Executive and Life Coach, I help people begin their journey of creating their legacy starting TODAY! Here are some extraordinary things you will discover as we take each step of this powerful process:

Who you really are when all of the roles you play in life have been removed
Your purpose for being here
How your life will look from today and through your last day here
What your enduring legacy will be

Who is Leadership Legacy for?
Leaders in organizations that want to know that they will be remembered for being the core person that caused great changes for the better in the people and organizations they touched.
Parents that desire for the generations that follow them to tell the stories of how they were the foundation of the many great things that the family has become.
Anyone that has a strong desire to know that they will be remembered for all the good things they did and are.

Contact me today and begin your legacy tomorrow!

Creating life in forward motion,
Dr. Edward Lewellen