Nov 14, 2013

What is Ericksonian Hypnosis and How Can it Help You?

With hypnosis experiencing an uptrend in reception in many areas of our lives, the mysticism associated with it in the past is starting to vanish as the process and effects are being scientifically proven and supported.  Just consider some of the areas of our lives that hypnosis is becoming an integral part:

Sports – For many years top athletes and sports teams have used hypnosis for both mental and physical strength and stamina. See some of the top athletes that use, or have used, hypnosis to “up” their game by clicking here.

Medicine – With many changes in the understanding of the human brain by Neuroscience and the tools they use to work with the brain, hypnosis is being proven to have significant uses in managing stress, pain, and even things like Phantom Limb Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stree Disorder.  In 2004, the American Psychological Association commented, ‘(Our) review concluded that hypnotic techniques for the relief of pain are superior to standard care, and often better than other recognized treatments for pain.’

Insurance companies – Looking for anwers that are more cost-effective and longer lasting than prescription medicines and surgeries, they are finding great value in hypnosis as one solution.  For instance, New Scientist Magazine stated, “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking.”  What insurance company wouldn’t want to have all of the people they insure be non-smokers?

Business – With the stress level ever increasing, organizations have found that using hypnosis can increase the productivity of their top leadership all the way down through their frontline supervisors.  In what areas?  Anger management, conflict resolution, increasing confidence, making better decisions, stop smoking, lose weight, health issues, and many more areas that affect the performance of leadership and, by extension, the entire organization.  Imagine what a company would be like if their leadership didn’t exhibit those tendencies!

What makes Ericksonian Hypnosis different and how can it help you?  Here are some of Erickson’s credentials:

  • MA in psychology
  • Medical Doctor
  • Senior psychiatric doctor in hospitals across the US, including an appointment as Clinical Director of the Arizona State Hospital in 1948.
  • Associate editor for the journal Diseases Of The Nervous System
  • Consultant to the US Olympic Rifle Team
  • Consultant to the US government during WWII, studying the psychology of the enemy and the effects of propaganda.

With this all his background, Erickson’s skills as a hypnotist were self-taught.  He totally changed the way the psychiatric and medical communities thought about the mind and the mind’s affects on the body.  Not only from the standpoint of the power of the mind, but the speed.  You see, up until Erickson, the traditional view was that change was a long, drawn-out, arduous journey.  You’ve seen the pictures of the Freudian-looking psychiatrist with the patient lying on the couch and asking, “So, why did you hate your mother?”  And, this is months, maybe even years, into therapy.

Erickson demostrated time and time again that, just as a person can learn a bad habit or pathology almost instantly, learning to change can be accomplished just as quickly.  And, without having to delve into the person’s past!  Erickson developed his process around the “How”, how his patients created their problems, not the Freudian “Why”.

JoyThis is where you come in.

You no longer have to suffer with the hurts, habits, hang-ups and limiting beliefs that keep you from having everything you want in life.  As an Ericksonian Hypnosis trained hypnotist (as well as several other styles of hypnosis) and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, I have the resources to help you!  Think of the people that Tony Robbins works with personally.  Only the very wealthy can afford to have Robbins work with them.  One clients pays Robbins $1 million per year for 4 hours of his time.  Why? Because he gets them the results they want so quickly!  Now, I bring Robbins up because, like me, he is an NLP Master Practitioner and Ericksonian trained hypnotist.  My clients love what I do for them!

Why not consider using hypnosis/NLP to have the life you want?

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen