Apr 04, 2017

The Ultimate Business Trifecta


What do you get when you mix visualization, meditation, and mindfulness? A technique that has been proven to get massive, quick, effective, and sustainable results!

Let’s take a brief look at the individual components:

Visualization: The world’s elite athletes have recognized the power of visualization for decades. Michael Jordan could “see” the ball going through the net. Michael Phelps could “feel” his body gliding through the water with no resistance. Tiger Woods could “hear” the golf ball cutting effortlessly through the grass. Judd Biasiotto could “taste” the victory of breaking world weightlifting records. Phil Jackson helped his players “smell” the sweat of winning another championship. In the minds of world-class athletes, they were there and the effects were so real they were either exhausted or elated from the experience.

Meditation: The executives at Ford, IBM, KFC, and Pepsi, to name a few, know the benefits of meditation. Their minds quiet as they go inside of themselves to create peacefulness and calm. This peace and calm allow them to make better decisions, be more creative, and lower the stress of top executives.

Mindfulness: Both world-class athletes and world-leading executives know the benefits of mindfulness; Being self-aware and aware of others emotions, knowing how to release negative emotions in less than 90 seconds, and allowing the positive emotions to create a mind-loop they can tap into anytime they want or need, and more.

Each one of these tools are effective in, and of, themselves. Now, just imagine combining the best components of each to create a nexus so powerful it has literally changed lives and transformed individuals and organizations into the top of their sport or industry!

This new technique is called Dynamic Visualization and has been developed by Dr. Edward Lewellen over the past five years. The results and outcomes have been nothing short of amazing and extraordinary! Read about a few of these fascinating stories by clicking HERE now to request a FREE Special Report!

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Dr. Edward Lewellen an expert in creating methodologies for people to learn to use their mind; their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, and put them back in control of their lives and become top-producers. He is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.
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