May 10, 2016

The Future of Gene Manipulation Just Took a Giant Step

If you’ve ever been concerned over genetic engineering, then you can be even more concerned now. Scientists have gone beyond the ability to alter genetic dispositions to have what is called a “Gene Drive” that can be installed within the DNA of any organism that reproduces through sex and permanently change the children. In fast reproducing organisms, like mice, and mosquitoes, the effects are seen very quickly. In slow reproducing organisms, like humans, it would hypothetically take centuries.

The good news is that malaria-carrying mosquitoes could be wiped out in a year, saving a 1,000 lives a day and untold repercussions of using pesticides and other poisons which are currently being used to restrain the disease. The bad news is, even a high school student could manufacture these “Gene Drives” with access to the right equipment. This means that not everyone will make good choices in how these are used.

I invite you to watch this TED Talk to learn more and then leave a comment.


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