Sep 03, 2013

TED Talks Pain and the Brain

I’ve written about pain a few times over the last year because I believe it is an important topic. With so many commercials on TV about pain medicines, pain clinics, and other resources for relief from pain, I continue to see the need to share how easily pain can be removed, both physical and emotional. Even though I have helped scores of people be relieved of pain, people still question that it can be done through the use of hypnosis. So, rather than me tell you again of the many successes I’ve had, I’ve embedded two videos for you to fully consider. The first is a neuroscientist speaking at a TED Conference in Australia. He explains that, even though most people still believe it is the nerve endings in our bodies that tell us what is painful, that myth has been recently debunked by neuroscience. The nerve endings are only input devices that send information to the spinal cord and then the brain. The brain decides what the output will be; just a sensation of touch or a sensation of pain. This is based on our previous life experiences, as you’ll see in the TEDx video. Please understand, the sensation of pain is a protection mechanism the brain uses to keep us from further harm. In chronic pain, the problem lies in the brain forgetting to let go of the neuropathway that was created for protection once it’s no longer needed. In acute pain, e.g., surgery or childbirth, the neuropathway can be “short-circuited” for the time because there is no real danger and the brain understands this. I do want to caution you, though: Hypnotic anesthesia has the side effects of speeding up the healing process afterwards and a clear, happy state of mind.

I’ve effectively minimizedf or removed pain in hundreds of people. It takes less than an hour, in most cases, and will most likely last forever. As the neuroscientist explains in his video above, it’s just a matter of helping the brain understand when the sensation of pain is needed…and when it isn’t.

My hope is that this information will be useful to you. You, or people you know, may be suffering greatly. You (they) may be put on intense pain medication that causes you (them) to be limted in life. Of course, I NEVER recommend to anyone to stop taking medication prescribed by their doctor. In fact, I work in conjunction with doctors and they are the ones that are the most amazed by the results I get for their patients. I leave it up to them to take their patients off the narcotics.

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Creating life in forward motion,
Dr. Edward Lewellen