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Put Your Business on the “Launching Pad” to Success!

Have you experienced enough mediocre business results that you’re frustrated and ready to really make a change? Are you ready to put your business on the “launching pad” to more success, more results, more of all the things you want your business to become? Then, you want to watch the video below, now!

Ed Lewellen Transforms Businesses Working With Leadership

Do believe that you, your company, and your people can be more than who and what you are today? So do I! Please consider the video below that will share with you a way that will make the positive, massive change, reinvention, and transformation that you want quickly, effectively, and without lost opportunities!!!

Ed Lewellen – The Mind Master

“Intriguing!” “Insightful!” “Inspiring!” Those are a few words people have exclaimed after watching this interview with Pat Dougher and Ed Lewellen on the UANetwork and Verizon FIOS TV Channel 27. Why would they share those comments? Because they discovered just how quickly and just how powerfully a person or company can be positioned to achieve all the potential they possess! Why not discover it for Read More...

How Will Your Company Increase Fourth Quarter Revenue?

The first order of business in the Baldrige Criteria is Leadership and it is the item that carries the largest weight of the six Process Areas, 22% of it.  Another statistic is that 80% of the chokehold on any company is the psychology of the leadership; how they see themselves, their belief systems, and their behaviors.  If nothing else will, this should tell a business owner or Read More...

Extreme Sadness – How I Have Successfully Helped My Clients

When do you get extremely sad?  When you get sad? Bored? Things just aren’t going well?  When you think about it…it’s depressing! Being extremely sad is a common emotion that humans elicit when things get overwhelming and our minds choose to not feel other emotions for a brief period of time.  Being in the medically defined state of “Depression” is different.  There are numerous definitions for Read More...