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1/10th of a Second: An Olympic Sales Story

The Olympics are amazing for many reasons. One that has attracted my attention this time is the way the time of 1/10th of a second is used. When a competitor is behind by 1/10th of a second, it’s spoken about as if they are far behind. It’s like the leader has this commanding amount of time and space in front of the pack. Yet, they Read More...

Transformative Thinking/Edward Lewellen Testimonials

View this series of clients who experienced massive transformation quickly and listen to their ecstatic words that include growth and confidence!

The Expression on Your Face Makes a Difference in Your Business

“Stone-Face”, “Stern-Face”, “Angry-Face”, “Happy-Face”, “Smiley Face” “Half-Hearted”, “Aching Heart”, “Bleeding Heart”, “Courageous heart” “Strong stomach”, “Butterflies in their stomach”, “Sick to your stomach”, “In the pit pf your stomach” These are expressions we use almost daily and without any thought as to the true effect they have on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To give you an idea of the power they hold, new Read More...

Interview on “Create Success Radio”

This episode is a one-on-one interview with author, speaker, and master executive coach, Dr. Edward Lewellen. In this episode, Dr. Lewellen shares some powerful insights on life mastery from his new book, “Life Mastery: The Fully Functional Life: You CAN Have it all!”

Massive Success in Business and Life!

One of my clients recently had extraordinary life and business-changing experiences while working with me. Watch the short video to learn more as she shares her outstanding story!!!

Beyond a Million Dollar Producer

I have found it interesting to hear the stories from the Financial Advisers I’ve worked with, and those I haven’t, about their desire to produce a million dollars plus each year. Beyond the earnings, they want the prestige of being onstage, receiving accolades and awards, large bonuses and all the peripherals of being the top of the top producers. In the past, they’ve hired the Read More...

See the Premier of My New TV Show, “High Impact Living”

Coffee with Claire and guest Dr. Edward Lewellen

Living a High-Impact Life!

You know the feeling. Your alarm wakes you up at the usual time. You yawn, stretch, and try to come to life, thinking, “Here we go again”. And, this day, like so many others begins and ends the same way, with a few spikes of variety here and there. Most people go their entire lives living unintentionally, drifting through life and wondering why they haven’t Read More...

How Imposter Syndrome Affects Your Team

Is each raise, promotion or accolade accompanied by the dread that, someday soon, your cover will be blown, and everyone will find out that you just got lucky, knew the right people, or arrived where you are by mistake? As odd as it may sound, behind the facade of their highly confident, aggressive behavior, many high achievers experience feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. This feeling Read More...

Leadership Clarity

You own an American football team. Your team has 11 players on the field on both offense and defense. It’s value is about $1 billion, but it could be more. Here’s why it’s not; Your team is in disarray: Only 4 of 11 players know which goal is theirs Only 2 of 11 care Only 2 of 11 know what position they play and what Read More...