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Neuro Gastric Bypass Procedure – Hangout #2

Learn about how effective diets, diet pills, prescription diet pills, commercial weight loss programs, and the “Band” procedures are according to Harvard Medical School. Then, discover how your mind can be used in ways that are more effective than any other source!

Cycling, but Without a Bike!

Although many people think of needing a bike to go cycling, you can actually go cycling without one!  One definition of “Cycling” is a repeated pattern in a person’s life. Who do you know that, year after year, seems to be in the same situation? For example, perhaps a month, or a year, ago they had just met their “soulmate” and they were happier than they had Read More...

Stop! Keep the Holiday Weight Off!

Oh, the Holidays!  The sights, the lights, the sounds and THE FOOD!!!  Yes, the food is especially inviting this time of year and many people tend to over indulge because of the abundance and the picture-perfect presentation.  Many people figure that they will eat in excess now because they’ll begin a weight loss program in the New Year and they might as well make themselves happy until then.   Read More...