Stop Smoking Quickly and Permanently


If you’ve tried the patches, the gums, the drugs, the e-cigarettes, etc. and you’re still smoking…STOP NOW! Guaranteed! Isn’t it time to regain control of your life? Those cigarettes have been in control of your mind, emotions, time, and money long enough!


Even if you’ve tried all the other methods to stop smoking and they have failed, I guarantee that you can become a non-smoker during my seminar. It gets even better! How? With my process you have no cravings for food and nicotine that the other methods leave you feeling, which means no irritability and no weight gain associated with you becoming a non-smoker!

Join me for the next Stop Smoking seminar on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. The venue is 5857 Park Vista Circle, Keller, TX 76244. Seating is limited to 12 attendees and you must have a prepaid reservation to attend and complete Intake Forms upon your arrival. The cost for the event is $75, less than a one-month supply of cigarettes for the average smoker in Texas, which is $87.

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How does it work so quickly and effectively?

Like all habits, smoking is associated with your emotions and beliefs. Using the method all top CEO’s and all top salespeople use for creating their success known as Dynamic Mental Imagery, Visualization, or Hypnosis, your mind and emotions can be “reprogrammed” for you to become a Non-Smoker. Imagine how that would feel to know that those times when you used to smoke that you now do something that is healthy. Suppose your lungs and heart were to have less stress so that you breathe more deeply and regain the energy you once had. I wonder what you will do with that $10,000 per year that being a smoker has been costing you?


What others have said…

Brandy sent the following to me about a year after her hypnosis session:
Dr. Lewellen,
I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you. You may not remember me… but I had one session with you in December to quit smoking after several years of doing so. Since I walked out of your office I haven’t had another one. And what’s even better, I have no desire to!! You have changed my life. Thank you!

“I had smoked for 40 years. I had been to two hypnotists to stop smoking and neither worked for me. I thought I would try one more time and went to Dr. Lewellen. Not only did it work, but so quickly that it was hard for me to believe! – Tom

Listen to this U.S. military veteran says about his experience:

Guarantee: You will bring your cigarettes to the event. When you are done, I will offer you one of your cigarettes and you will refuse it, not having any desire for it. If, in the next 90 days you return to smoking, you can attend another Stop Smoking seminar at no-charge.