Dec 06, 2013

Stop! Keep the Holiday Weight Off!

Oh, the Holidays!  The sights, the lights, the sounds and THE FOOD!!!  Yes, the food is especially inviting this time of year and many people tend to over indulge because of the abundance and the picture-perfect presentation.  Many people figure that they will eat in excess now because they’ll begin a weight loss program in the New Year and they might as well make themselves happy until then.   Besides, what’s another 5-10 lbs?  And, they wouldn’t want to upset their friends and family by not thoroughly enjoying each and every item that’s served, would they?

I wonder…what if you could enjoy all the foods during the holidays and beyond, but in amounts that would help you lose, or maintain, your weight?  What if you could enjoy the festivities of the holidays even more by having a shift in your frame of reference as to what they mean?  For instance, how did you learn that you had to eat to excess during the holidays to make them enjoyable?  Where did you learn that you must get drunk for the parties to be fully enjoyed?  And, what is it that you’re really wanting from the holiday events?  An upset stomach, headaches, lethergy, maybe even being nauseous?  Or, is it the feelings of joy, happiness, feelings of connection and love, and other pleasant feelings?

If you would like to have the feelings you hope to get from the usual holiday activities AND lose weight, but without the after-effects, then contact me to get your life on-track to become what you really want it to be.  Especially if you’ve considered using surgery, the lap band procedure, diet pills, stomach stapling, or any of the other weight-loss strategies available, then you’ll want to fully consider using a method that is non-invasive, less costly, and has proven successful in helping millions of people to reach their weight-loss goals.  Be warned, though!  It has the the following side effects:

  • happiness
  • increased self-worth
  • motivation
  • positive outlook on life

Here’s what one of my clients said about losing weight through the use of hypnosis:

“I must be one of the clients losing it of yesterday I had lost 8.5 lbs since Friday!  I am most thankful too for the negative thoughts that have disappeared! This all is really life changing for me.  I love the weight loss and lack of want for fast foods …but I also love the fact that I lost the verbal beat up I was giving myself at night… so I have been telling people it would be worth it just for that!  Have a great day!” Sherry S.

So, before the you attend the holiday events, contact me to discuss how I can help you enjoy everything about the holidays and still lose weight!

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen