Dec 27, 2014

Stealth Communication – Bridging the Gap


There are few things in life as important as good communication. When was the last time that a misunderstanding caused you to lose:
• A personal relationship?
• A business relationship?
• A business deal?
• An opportunity that you really wanted?

There you were, left standing and wondering what and how this just happened.

What would it be like to clearly understand the communications from people you interact with…and, you could make sure they clearly understand you? You can begin to get a picture of how different life could be, can’t you?

Introducing Stealth Communication!

Stealth Communication is the ONLY communication training and development course that takes you into every essential area of communication that is required to get maximum results! This course is all about YOU! Stealth Communication teaches YOU:

How the human mind works and how to bring it under control
To understand how your beliefs, thoughts, and words create your experiences and your life
How to distinguish facts from inferences and opinions
How to spot attempts to use language in manipulative ways
Straightforward methodologies to more effectively and appropriately think, communicate, and behave
How a person’s culture affects their language (Languaculture)
Why understanding your own, and others’, primary communication modalities is important
When different communication media are most effective
Power words that will drive the results you want
Signs to know when someone is lying to you…with up to 80% accuracy!
How to lead people more effectively and have them wanting to follow!
Why you lose sales…and how to fix it NOW!

This 1 or 2-day intensive training will have more impact on every facet of your life than anything else you’ve ever done! As you get absorbed in each session, you’ll begin feeling more and more confident in the new skills you’ll be learning. Each session, each interactive exercise, each discussion will let you know that something important is happening inside you. And, I wonder, will you experience learning something that will change the way you communicated in the past first, or will it be that you discover how you’ll change going forward? It’s not really important which one happens first. What is important is that you can imagine what it’s like when you’re fully realizing your goals every time you think about learning Stealth Communication!

Now, I know you’re wondering how you’ll make changes to lead your people more effectively. You may even be wondering how this course will help you increase sales. So, you really should discover for yourself the peace-of-mind Stealth Communication will bring to your life and business, because, eventually, you’ll find yourself wondering, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Today is the day to decide to make change! Contact me, Edward Lewellen, at 972-900-9207 or!