Mar 04, 2012

Sales Training – Why Doesn’t it Work Better? Part I

In the field of sales and sales management, there is no shortage of training.  I did a search on the Internet with the words “sales training programs” and there were 244,000,000 results.  WOW!  Now, how many sales training classes have you been through, or has your company sponsored for your sales team?  Most likely, several.  And, at a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per participant, you or your company has made a significant investment in your salespeople.  Not only in the ones you currently have on your sales team, but all those that have come and went over the years.  Sales training eats up a large part of a Sales Director’s/Sales Manager’s budget and, when they see that investment walk out the door to the competition, it just doesn’t feel good.

So, what is the problem?  Part of of the problem is what the Harvard Business Review said in a study several years ago:

“Basing hiring decisions on myths rather than reality is, according to our research, the reason that about 55% of the people holding sales positions have little or no ability to sell, while another 25% have sales ability but are attempting to sell the “wrong” product or service.  The remaining 20% are doing precisely the job that is appropriate for them and for their companies.  These people prove to be, for the most part, the same 20% who produce nearly 80% of the sales.”

This means that most salespeople are in the wrong selling role, if they should even be in sales.  But, are there any additional factors that can contribute to the success, of lack thereof?

Sure!  There are challenges that many people face, not just in their job of selling, but in every facet of their lives that prevents them from being as successful as they could be.  I’ll discuss some of those in the next post.

Creating forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen

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