Salesnotic Sales Training

What would you change about your sales team if you had just one wish? When you fully consider it, wouldn’t it be MORE SALES? There is no lack of sales training available. After experiencing and teaching many types of sales training, I believe that most are just what has been taught year-after-year and simply repackaged with a new name and a few twists added. It’s much like water. Water will always have hydrogen and oxygen. And, you can add a lot of different things to it to make it taste different, but it will always have the core ingredients. The same is true of sales training.

So, what makes Salesnotic Sales training different? Salesnotic takes salespeople deeper into all aspects of the sales process AND takes away all the reasons they underperform. When your sales team finishes Salesnotic Sales Training you will see an immediate difference! The positive impact will be seen before we ever leave the training room. Beyond that, unlike the other sales companies that want you to fire part of your team because they don’t fit a certain “profile”, we can assist any salesperson that wants to succeed to become an outstanding performer.

Many companies use behavioral assessments to identify the people who have the same core characteristics as their top performers and these can be helpful. But, though people may share similar behaviors, no one shares the same life experiences. No one shares the same belief systems. No one shares the exact same thought patterns about their abilities, self-esteem, self-confidence, the ability to assert themselves, and so many other traits related to sales and the sales process. When a person’s past negative experiences and limiting beliefs are dictating their present and future, here is what happens:

  • They have call-reluctance, so they set very few appointments
  • They make the number of dials required, but, when they get someone on the phone, they get nervous, confused, and forget what to say
  • They can’t create the rapport with ‘gatekeepers’, so they rarely get to the decision-maker
  • When it comes time to ask for the order, they get nervous, they ‘sweat bullets’, or they end up not asking for the order at all
  • They get nervous when presenting to decision-makers
  • They can’t seem to build the rapport needed to create connections
  • They don’t have the confidence to deal with stalls, objections, and questions
  • They lack internal motivation to come to work and do a good job, so they are always looking for the next financial incentive

These are areas where I can help. Beyond my more than 20 years of sales, sales management, and executive experience, I use Neuro-Tranformation to help sales managers and salespeople to break through the limiting beliefs and negative past experiences to help them reach their full potential. After implementing Transformative Thinking with your sales teams, you will experience:

  • A large ROI from the sales training you invest in
  • The unlimited potential in your salespeople
  • The full realization of your sales goals
  • Enthusiastic, excited salespeople BLASTING through quotas
  • Naturally occurring high retention of your best salespeople

Call me today to set an appointment to set the course for your sales team to go beyond the ordinary and into the unlimited! I’ll help you create a sales force in forward motion!