Aug 07, 2014

Real FACTS About Hypnosis

Most people I speak with about hypnosis have many misconceptions about it. So, here are some real FACTS about hypnosis:
1) You go into hypnosis an average of 7 times each day. Here are some examples:
A) You drive somewhere and you don’t remember the how you got there. This is a state of trance. Police have a name for this, “Highway Hypnosis”
B) You sit at the computer and think you’ve been there only 10-15 minutes and it’s been an hour or more. This is called time distortion, which is a state of trance.
C) You can’t find your keys, so you look up (and usually to your left) to create a memory of where you last saw them. This is creating a hallucination, which is a state of trance.

2) Hypnosis (trance) is Christian.
A) Genesis 2:21. God put Adam into a “deep sleep” to remove his rib to create Eve. This is a state of trance; natural pain control. People have had entire surgeries and delivered babies using only hypnosis as an anesthesia.
B) Acts 10:10 and Acts 22:17. Peter and Paul both went into a trance. In both of these instances, God used a state of trance (hypnosis) to make mental shifts in Peter’s and Paul’s thinking. Neuro-Science shows that this is the quickest and most effective way to change people’s thought patterns. Interestingly, Luke, who wrote the Book of Acts, was a medical doctor. MD’s used to be trained in hypnosis until the introduction of drugs for anesthesia. Many dentists still use hypnosis for patients that refuse drugs for anesthesia.
C) Any time you sit in church and are focused on the Pastor, Minister, or clergyman/woman you go into trance. Consider it, there you are, listening intently and then someone touches you on the shoulder and it’s as if you are startled and have to come back out of that focused state…a state of trance!

3) You are always in control.
A) People can bring themselves out of trance any time they desire
B) A hypnotist doesn’t “put you into trance”. No one can. Hypnotists are only facilitators of your natural ability (described above) to go into trance.
C) Are you really in control now? If you can’t stop smoking, stop eating, get out of extreme sadness, etc., something else is controlling you, right? A hypnotist will assist you to REALLY be in control of a positive, beneficial state of mind that you desire.

Besides these facts, what questions do YOU have about hypnosis? Please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to give you factual information about this amazing, God-given ability!

Creating life in forward motion,
Dr. Edward Lewellen