Aug 24, 2015

Overcome the Fear of Rejection NOW!


Fear of rejection is most likely the largest reason salespeople aren’t successful as they could be, or not successful at all. What most companies are missing from their sales training programs is a key element Dr. Edward Lewellen has developed just for salespeople. For instance, when a software program is out-of-date and incapable of performing the required work, does a software programmer go into the program and write the code in bigger letters and symbols, thinking that will make it work better? Do they press harder on the keys of the keyboard, expecting that to make the program work? Do they threaten the software that, if it doesn’t start working right away, that they’ll uninstall it? No, none of those things make any sense, even to those of us that have a minimal understanding of programming.

Yet, what do most sales managers and sales trainers do when their people are under-performing? They spend more time training on the same information as the salespeople have already attended over and over, as if to make the information larger. They put more pressure on them to perform, like putting more pressure on the keys of the keyboard. They even threaten them with termination, “uninstalling” them, as it were.

All of that makes as much sense as if I were to say, “I’m writing slow because I know you can’t read fast”!

There is a better, easier, faster way to get exponential results from salespeople that your salespeople will absolutely enjoy! Watch the video below to gain more insights:

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