Jun 18, 2013

Living a Life Free of Pain!

What would it be like to life life with minimal, or no, pain? Some thoughts that come to mind are; Wonderful! Fantastic! Awesome! and Unbelievable! It is possible to make this happen for you. I’m going to share with you three quick tips on reducing or eliminating pain just by using the power of your mind.

Pain is what we believe it is.

Pain is a protection mechanism for us. It’s there to tell us “Hey! Something’s wrong!” This applies to both physical and emotional pain. In reality, what we call pain is merely a sensation. For instance, as I write this blog post, I feel the sensation of the air that’s being moved by the ceiling fan. What is that sensation like? It’s soothing. Why do I think it’s soothing? Because that’s what I’ve been taught to believe. The same is true of the sensation that we believe is painful. Just think about it, how did you learn to say “Ouch!” and feel pain when you stub your toe? Most likely, when you were a child you stubbed your toe and someone said, “That really hurts, doesn’t it? My poor baby, let me kiss it for you and make it feel better.” In fact, that’s how we learned all the different things that are painful to us, physically and emotionally. Someone else taught us those beliefs. Fully consider this; how many times have you done something, like stub your toe, and said “ouch!” when it really didn’t hurt? It has become an automatic reaction. “If you stub your toe, then you say “ouch” and feel pain.” Again, think about this, do you feel more pain when you’re stressed or relaxed? Stressed! When you’re stressed, even the smallest thing can make you feel a sensation that’s painful. When you’re very relaxed, e.g., had a couple of alcoholic drinks, things that would normally have been a sensation that happens to be painful just aren’t! This is the reason pharmaceutical companies do triple and quadruple blind studies when testing out pain medications. Many times people get relief from pain from the placebo rather than the drug. They believe that the pill or injedction is going ton get rid of the pain and so the mind no longer has the sensation.  It’s the “Voodoo Witch Doctor” affect.  When a person believes that a stick being shaken at them by another person will heal them, then it will!

Why pain becomes a part of our lives and why it persists

The reason pain becomes a part of our lives is because of the beliefs we’ve been taught (see above) and because of the fear associated with the sensation that’s painful from the past.  If you’ve broken your arm before and then you break it again, the memory of the past pain will affect the current sensation that you’re feeling.  The mind runs in the “If/Then” loop.  “If I felt this sensation that was painful before in this situation, then I will feel it again when I’m in the same, or similar, situation.”  The other fear that causes pain to persist is the fear of the future.  How long will this hurt and be painful?  The fear factor becomes exponential when an authority figure states, “You’ll have to live with this pain the rest of your life” or some other undetermined time.  I equate this to the ability to endure running on a treadmill.  If there wasn’t a clock on the treadmill telling you when you were going to be done, then you wouldn’t be able to last very long at all.  With no predetermined time for it to end, your stress level rises and your ability to endure the pain decreases.  The same is true when you are fearful of how far into the future the sensation that’s painful will last.  The fear compounds the sensation of painfulness.

Pay attention

With any sensation that’s painful, you will pay with pain or pay with attention.  Many people think they can just bear through the pain.  The problem with that thinking is that the body doesn’t agree.  In fact, the more a person tries to bear through the pain, the more painful it becomes.  As I stated above, this is because the sensation of pain is telling you something is wrong.  When you stop and pay attention to what your body is telling you, it’s amazing how the sensation decreases.  It may be that you need to move differently, adjust yourself somehow, or just get rest, but your body is telling you that it needs protected.  Once you pay attention to the sensation and change how you’re caring for the body part or emotion, you will discover a noticable drop in the sensation.

These few ideas will help you start your journey to living a life free of pain!

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen