Jun 29, 2017

Leading Into the Unknown – Part I

It seems the world is spinning at an ever faster rate each day. And, for the business executive, it’s speeding up exponentially. What are the imperatives for a business executive to grow and thrive?

Be authentic –

Being confident in who you are, the vision of your organization’s future, and sharing that with clarity to your organization is important during times of change. When people know that you are trustworthy and credible, then, even when you don’t have the answers and when you do make mistakes, they will be forgiving and supportive. Even though it takes more time on the front-end to involve your people from the Board Room to the front-line in the process of change, it will be minimal compared to the time you will face trying “fix” the problems that arise after-the-fact.

Physical and psychological stamina –

Your job is already demanding of you. You have other responsibilities and obligations outside of your job of which to attend. Stress seems to be coming from all sides. Where is the mental, physical, and emotional stamina going to come from to get everything done?

You must find time to disengage from everything going on around you, even if it’s for five minutes at a time. The book The Power of Full Engagement shows several case studies of helping business executives and athletes to learn to take short breaks at specific intervals so that stamina can be rebuilt.

Every world-class executive, athlete, and salesperson set aside time to meditate each morning. They enter a deeply relaxed state and allow themselves to go inward. Research shows that the “Relaxation State” can help your mind be at peace as you approach each day’s activities and has enormous positive effects on the physical person, too.

This leads to learning to control your thought patterns and is another necessary step if you plan on thriving in today’s business world. Visualization, meditation, and mindfulness are three techniques, each one powerful on their own. But, suppose you could combine all three into one? How powerful could that be? (To learn more, click HERE to request a Special Report with detailed information)

Adaptable thinking –

With things always changing, the last decision that brought success quickly becomes obsolete and irrelevant. You must challenge ‘the way it’s always been done’, even ‘It was the way we did it last time”.

If an idea feels too easy and too comfortable, then it may not be the right decision for a changing future. Those were the ideas that got you where you are, not where you want to go next. Be ready to lead with innovation and creativity.

The only way that will happen is if your mind is at peace and not feeling like the world is spiraling out of control. You don’t have to be a victim to your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

We’ll take a look at three more items that will help you lead into the unknown in the next post.

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