Jul 12, 2013

Judgement Day – The Times We Play God

Judgement Day_BibleWhen you hear the term “Judgement Day” many things may come to mind; anywhere from the Biblical sense to one of the “Terminator” movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Judgement Day

I want you to think about the times during each day that you pass judgement.  You pass judgement on the person who pulls in front of you on the street and causes you to swerve or slow down.  Most people at this point not only judge the offender as a hazard, but even equate their IQ to their driving habits, though, I don’t think this has ever been scientifically established.  🙂

You judge people for what they wear.  Again, many times equating their level of intelligence with their clothing.  You might say something like, “A person would have to be really stupid to wear that!”  I did something similar earlier this week.  A man I believe to be between 45-55 years old came into the gym with sweat bands on his head and wrists, short gym shorts, and black socks that came all the way to his knees.  I had to laugh!  My judgement was that he was somehow stuck in a time-warp.

You get the point, we all pass judgement each and every day.  It’s a part of our lives.  It seems to be a part of the American culture.  So, does passing judgement so much and so often cause any problems in our lives?  The answer is “Yes!”  Here’s why: every time we pass judgement on a situation it causes us to act in a specific way because it reinforces and supports a belief.  Let me give you an example:

My father was, and still is, the type of man who wears a frown on his face much of the time.  Because of this, my belief used to be that a person with a frown meant that they were mean, angry, or at least upset at something.  The specific action it caused me to take was to avoid people who were frowning.  I questioned this belief from the point that I might be projecting my perception.  So, I took the opportunity at a networking event a while back to test out my belief that people who are frowning are mean.  I went up to a man who is probably late 60’s to early 70’s and introduced myself, just the same way as I do to the “non-frowners”.  To my surprise, a warm, inviting smile came to this man’s face and a wonderful conversation ensued.  I have since done this many times and have gotten the same result.  My old belief is now gone.

Here is another story that a friend of mine and her family had.  This woman grew up with the belief that her mother was a terrible, worthless person.  She avoided any contact with her because she felt that her mother would want to “leech” off her and her family.  As life sometimes does, an opportunity arose that required she be in contact with her mother.  What she discovered was that the mother was very well off and an executive in a large corporation!  She also discovered that the other things told to her about her mother weren’t true.  They are now back together and loving the opportunities to be a family!

The point here is to reinforce what I have said many times, we create our own reality through the beliefs we hold in our minds.  What opportunities have the judgements you have made in the past caused you to miss out on?  What happiness has been missed out on because we didn’t validate things we were told by others for ourselves?  By living intentionally, making the effort, and taking the time (what a novel idea…taking time!) to see if the reality we are living is real, or just our own perception, we can find a richness in life that most of the world will never experience.

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen

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