Dec 13, 2016

It’s December 31, 2017 – Part II

This post is in addition to my original post It’s December 31,…2017 where I shared the first three of eight items that may have contributed to not finding the happiness and satisfaction you thought you would have by the end of 2016.

#4 Create Your Path to Success

Many people say they want to achieve their definition of success and they aren’t willing to do the required work to make it real. What this tell me is they don’t believe that their dream or their goal is possible. You can tell how much a person believes in what they’re doing by the amount of focused action they put into achieving it. So, if you’re going to find yourself in a different place and state at the end of 2017 than where you are now, then you must be willing to:

Be absolutely committed to achieving your goal
Flood forth focused action
Be aware of more than what is working by being aware of what isn’t working and making changes. Which brings me to the last point:
Be flexible. Let go of the should’s, shouldn’ts, musts, mustn’ts, need to’s, have to’s and supposed to’s. Those are limiting beliefs that will only hold you back. Just because something was “supposed to” have worked doesn’t mean it will. Be creative and resourceful in finding better ways.\

This goes a long way in making 2017 everything you want it to become!

#5 Learn to only accept the best

Set a “line in the sand” of what you’ll accept from yourself each day, whether that be in sales, in appointments, in relationships, etc.

Set a “line in the sand” of what you won’t accept from yourself and others. Take pricing as an example. How many entrepreneurs or solopreneurs find themselves accepting less than the value of their product or service just to make a sale. Unfortunately, once you allow that line to be crossed, it becomes ever harder to get the real value you should be getting. Which means you’ll be getting less than you deserve, which means you’ll have a repeat of 2016.

#6 Let the “Little Things” Go

The “little things” are easier to focus on, but, wouldn’t you agree that they’re time-thieves? Stay focused on BIG things that really matter. Think BIG. Act BIG. And, you’ll notice BIG things happening in your life! Like a BIGGER 2017!

#7 You Already Know What to Do

At the very least, at the unconscious level, you know what to do. I find this to be true in every client I have ever worked with. The unconscious is at least a million times more powerful that the conscious. The unconscious is where all your potential and possibilities are held…and, they need to be released. When they are, it’s like a rocket being launched off the launching pad!!! Powerful things happen! Sadly, most people lack the process and know-how to bring the answers and resources from their unconscious mind into their conscious thoughts and awareness.

Knowledge + Action = SUCCESS!!!

# 8 Model Successful People

Find a coach who knows how to help you. If you really want 2017 to be everything you dream, hope, and set goals for, then you can’t afford not to! Here’s why:

Save time and money with clarity
Save time and money by avoiding mistakes
Save time and money following a successful strategy

When you research all of the top business people, athletes, musicians; basically anyone who is at the top of their field, you will find they have a coach. This is an investment into your future!

So, imagine it. Here we are, you and I, and we’re speaking 12 months from now, what would have to happen for you to be completely happy and satisfied with the results from the year?

Change you thoughts. Change your life…quickly!

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Dr. Edward Lewellen an expert in creating methodologies for people to learn to use their mind; their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, and put them back in control of their lives and become top-producers. He is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

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