Jun 01, 2017

Is the Fear of Public Speaking Ruining Your Career?

French philosopher Jean de la Bruyere said, “There are certain things in which mediocrity is not to be endured; such as poetry, music, painting, and public speaking”. Would you agree? Sitting through a poor presentation, whether in a large convention or in a small office setting, can be agonizing!

If you’re in a leadership position and desire to influence others, the impact is dramatic! How dramatic? Being a poor presenter/speaker damages your reputation of being a capable and competent leader because you’re seen as lacking confidence!

Yet, an interesting fact is that most people are more afraid of public speaking than death. Would you like to know to what degree you have this fear of public speaking? Download the following simple assessment: Fear of Public Speaking Assessment.

Once you complete the brief assessment, here are just a few thoughts on what the numbers indicate:

Low – Your fear of public speaking is Low if your score 15 points, or fewer. Your feelings and motions in front of an audience are normal tensions every public speaker has in the beginning, some for their entire life.

Moderate – If your score is up to 45 points. Welcome to the club! Like the majority, you are feeling very uncomfortable. Nerves and tensions influence your behavior seriously. But there is a way out.

Severe – If your score is 45 points, or above, you suffer from an intense fear of public speaking. You avoid any situation that might include public speaking. You hate making and giving presentations and speeches. It’s extremely difficult for you to speak in front of a group, no matter the size.

Depending on where you rated yourself will determine what and how much you need to do if public speaking is an important part of your life and career. I’ll discuss some of this in another post.

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