Dec 12, 2016

“Imagine that It’s December 31,2017”

Yes, 12/31/2017!

Imagine it. Here we are, you and I, and we’re speaking 12 months from now, what would have to happen for you to be completely happy and satisfied with the results from the year?

Many people are already looking back at 2016 and wondering, “What happened?” They had so many plans, so many dreams, so many goals. Yet, they didn’t materialize. How could that have happened? Here are eight possibilities:

#1 – Do you know who you are…really?

That may seem like an odd question and here’s what I have experienced working with thousands of people over the last three decades; people get so wrapped up living in the roles they play in life that they forget who they are in their Core Identity. As one famous self-help guru says, humans have six intrinsic needs and two of those are the need for variety and stability at the same time. How can those needs coexist? The roles we play are very fluid and need constant variety. Our Core Identity needs stability and to know it’s solid. Let me share an example. Many women who are mothers and business professionals tell me that being a mother is part of their Core Identity. It isn’t and here’s how I know; think about a child’s needs and behaviors when they are a newborn. Now think about their needs and behaviors at 2-years-old, 10-years-old, 15-years-old, and beyond. If their needs and behaviors were the same at fifteen as they were at two, something would be wrong. And, while the child is changing and growing, so must the role of the mother. The role is fluid and ever-changing. However, the Core Identity needs stability. When the mother and business professional knows that she’s loving, fun, kind, and energetic, then these will remain constants across the changes in the child’s needs and behaviors and across all the roles she plays. The problem arrives when a person attempts to live their life trying to fulfill roles that are fluid. Why? Because of the fact that roles are ever-changing. Trying to find fulfillment and satisfaction in roles is like playing a game of Whack-A-Mole. You’ll be constantly hitting air. However, when a person knows who they are in their Core Identity, the stable part, then they can find constant happiness and satisfaction. Has living in your roles caused you to miss your goals for 2016?

#2 The power of focus.

At any given moment, you have 2 terabytes of information coming in. You can only process 11 megabytes of that information. That’s 5%. Where you choose to focus that 5% is critical. What’s contained in the 95% that’s being ignored is also important. Yet, most people easily have their attention drawn away and refocused on whatever someone else wants them to focus. In fact, the human mind is built to look for “What’s next?” as part of survival. Just think about that piece of jewelry you put on this morning. When you first put it on you felt it on your neck, finger, wrist, arm, etc. After a brief amount of time you didn’t sense it, unless it moved or your focus was drawn to it, just like I just did right now. Let’s take a look at one example of how our attention is easily captured and focused. Take a look at the following two lists of words and decipher the last word in each list:

Bread, vegetables, meat, so_p

Water, clean, bath, so_p

You probably deduced that the word in the first list is “soup”. The word in the second list is “soap”. You arrived at those conclusions because of the associations on which you were focusing. These are examples of “Priming”. Others use Priming to get you to think the same way as they do. Just think about the last time you attended a training, a conference, or a sales meeting and the purpose was to influence you to buy something expensive. The venue was chosen for its elegance. The food, decorations, and attire were chosen to give an air of luxury and indulgence. On the other hand, if someone wants to influence you to be sparing and frugal, they will choose a venue of the opposite.

Although it’s important to know others can use Priming to influence you and where you choose to place your focus, it’s even more important to know that you can use Priming to ensure you stay focused within your values and belief system…or…you can change those when you find they have become irrelevant to a set of circumstances or entirely obsolete.

Has a lack of clear focus of your attention contributed to not achieving all you wanted in 2016?

#3 – Your Destiny is Decided by Your Decisions

“Things are as they should be at this moment. When you accept that, you become responsible for everything you have and are. You then hold the power to change your future” – Edward Lewellen

Quantum Physics’ most proven mathematical formula states that you are not where you are now because of your past. You are where you are because of where you’re intending to go in the future. So, stating it more accurately, your destiny is decided by the decisions you make today and tomorrow. This is a true paradigm shift because most people want to blame their current state on their past decisions. Now, consider what 2017 holds for you based on your intention and the decisions you’re making now. Will you produce results that will make you completely happy and satisfied?

There are three of the eight possibilities of how your 2016 results didn’t bring you the happiness, satisfaction, or results you wanted. I’ll write a second post with the remaining five areas for you to ponder before 2017 arrives. In the meantime, if you have questions about making real and significant change to your life and business, please contact me. Before you decide it’s not time to connect with me now, let me assure you, I don’t offer more of the same.

If you have any questions about this, or other topics, such as Leadership and Sales, please contact me.

Change you thoughts. Change your life…quickly!

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