Feb 28, 2016

If You’re a Leader, You May Have Acid Reflux


Let’s face it, stress is a common denominator of anyone who leads others. Close on the heels of stress is insomnia, a less-than-optimal diet, and a host of other stress-related problems…including ACID REFLUX! Why do I bring up acid reflux? (pun intended) On the last two NBC Evening News reports, over-the-counter acid reflux medicines were reportedly linked to chronic kidney disease and dementia.

“January 15th, 2016, NBC News
Prilosec, other PPIs, linked to increased risk for chronic kidney disease

A new study links the use of heartburn and acid reflux medicines like Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid, to an increased risk for chronic kidney disease. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University reviewed the health records of people who use the drugs, which are known as “proton pump inhibitors,” or PPIs. They found a kidney disease risk that was 20-50% higher compared to that of non-users.”

German researchers found that people 75 or older who regularly take proton pump inhibitors had a 44 percent increased risk of dementia, compared with seniors not using the drugs.


So, what can be done? There are many so-called natural alternatives to help sooth the pain and other symptoms of acid reflux. But, what would you rather do, placate the symptoms or remove the cause? Since chronic and acute stress has been shown to be the major factors in acid reflux, doesn’t it make sense to remove the stress? By “remove the stress”, I’m not talking about changing your lifestyle and become a monk living in the mountains. Although, some people would choose that. I’m talking about changing the way you allow your mind and body to respond to stress. Stress is a choice. The problem is that our parents, teachers, mentors, and others who influence us from youth on never teach us how to choose what to do with stress. Why? Because the vast majority of them are unaware of how to do it themselves.

You’ll note in my LinkedIn profile headline, the first thing I list is “Mental Malware Removal”. Most of us have been programmed to choose to take in, take on, and hold stress within our bodies and our minds. Simple things like the cartoon “Peanuts” have programmed us that it is right and acceptable to become emotional about the smallest things. Our parents, by default, taught us to become emotional when things don’t go how we want them. The mental and unconscious programming you received is deeply embedded to be negative and to give your power to external forces by uttering such words as, “You made me angry!”

This can all be changed so that you can live a life with a tremendously more stress-free life. How would it feel to know that all the triggers that used to make you feel stressed, upset, angry, etc. would now create a sense of either peace or dissociation from the situations so that you dealt with them easily and without causing those painful sensations to bubble and rise up? What if there wasn’t even a need for anything external put into your body to make you feel good? What if you could build your mental “muscle” to go from being the “92-pound weakling” to a “bodybuilder” status?

This is what I do for people every day.

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