Mar 27, 2017

If You Sell, Do You Train Like a World-Class Athlete?


Do you sell?  Surprisingly, many people don’t like to be called a “salesperson”.  Therefore, companies have come up with a plethora of titles to help their people overcome what some feel is the stigma of being a salesperson, such as: Account Executive, Account Representative, Consultant Representative, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Sales Engineer, and many others.

Many entrepreneurs have never sold, or so they think, and they find selling their product or service a daunting task.  Many entrepreneurs believe what they have to offer is so beneficial that all people have to do is become aware that their offer is available and people will flock to their website or store front to buy it.  That rarely happens.  Many entrepreneurs, too, find it difficult to label themselves as a Salesperson.  They prefer titles, such as Business Owner, Entrepreneur, President, CEO, etc.

When compared to the world of sports, the people I just described would be considered amateurs or, at the very least, they would be in the “also ran” category.  The people who are the world’s best in sales are like the world’s best athletes.  They identify with their sport and specialty, they train daily, and they realize that once they have their bodies physically fit for their sport, more than 50% of reaching and staying at the top is their Mental Game.  Lastly, they understand that when the rubber meets the road they are ultimately the person fully and totally responsible for end results.

The Comparison

Training for a sport is important because, beyond training the body to make it physically stronger, it creates “muscle memory”.  Take the martial arts for example, as a person progresses through the belts, the routines they have to memorize and execute become increasingly complex.  Because of the complexity of the routines, this creates the mental memory and muscle memory of how to automatically act in any given situation and without having to think about it.  This is called unconscious competence.  What happens, though, if the people on the street or in the ring that they fight don’t follow the routine they’ve learned?

If you sell to create the life you desire, then train like a world-class athlete. 

There is a wealth of sales training available.  They each have their 4-steps, 5-steps, 10-steps, etc., their “routine”, just like any sport.  They all have Building Rapport as the beginning point and Closing the Sale at the end.  Salespeople are taught to follow the steps exactly as outlined or they increase the chances of losing the sale.  The problem is, prospects (just like opponents on a field of play) don’t follow their steps and, if they do, they don’t follow them in the order salespeople are told to perform them!  I had a friend who used come back with this phrase when a prospect would interrupt his sales trained routine, “Mr/Ms. Prospect, your on step 5 and I’m only on Step 3, be patient and let me catch up to you.”

The inherent psychological and emotional response to having the salesperson’s routine interrupted is fear.  Fear shuts down the strategic thinking of a person and fully opens an emotional response.  Just like the person who is a Black Belt in a Martial Art, if fear sets in they lose the fight.

Sales training deals with the known.  Mental training helps you deal with the unknown.

Would you agree with me that interacting with people has so many variables that it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen when you walk into a sales presentation?  As much as sales training gives structure to your presentation, it can never equip you to deal with all the unknown variables.  Mental training can.  So, how do world-class athletes prepare mentally?

The primary tools are visualization and meditation.  They “see” themselves breaking through a record.  They “feel” the sense of achievement as they win the game.  They “hear” the roar of the crown as they cross the finish line.  They “smell” the odors in the air.  They “taste” the victory.  You’ve heard of self-fulfilling prophecy and this is it in it’s most glorious form for those in sports.  They have seen the future and it is theirs!

Salespeople can have the same experience.  Unfortunately, too many times the visualization is one of the prospect telling them “No!”, or asking questions they can’t answer, or delaying an answer, or so many other negative outcomes, which cause fear, doubt and worry to occupy their thinking and lower their self-esteem.  Fortunately, this Mental Malware can be removed and updated “software” of success can be installed so that a salesperson’s beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are like those of world-class athletes.

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