Nov 04, 2015

If money were no object, I would…


If money were no object, how would you be different?

Salespeople: How would you sell differently? Would you take more time to build real relationships? Would you let the sales process happen organically, rather than adding pressure? Would you choose not to prospect and sell to those who don’t fully benefit from your product or service? What else would you do differently?

Managers (Those who manage processes): How would you manage processes differently? Would you find better ways to eliminate wasted resources? Would you be able to see more clearly better processes because no pressure was being applied? Would you invest more money and time on the front end of processes because you know it will reduce costs in the long-term? What else would you do differently?

Leaders (Those who lead people): How would you lead differently if money were no object? Would you be more kind, empathetic, and patient? Would you encourage your people more than push and drive them? Would you respect your people enough to expect only the best performance and best intent…even when they fail? What else would you do differently?

Presidents and CEO’s: If it weren’t for the bonuses you hope to get for squeezing out every last penny from the company you have responsibility for, what would you do differently? Would you retain your people when there was a downturn in business to gain and keep their loyalty and trust? Would you pay your employees wages that allowed them to really enjoy balanced lives because they could afford to take time off? Would you change the way your companies are run to create true sustainability in your people, in your products and services, in the communities, and in the environment? What else would you do differently?

Board Members and Stockholders: If it weren’t for the desire for immediate ROI, what would you do differently? Would you invest for a long-term, sustainable future? Would you allow your money to be invested and reinvested, like Google has done, without paying dividends? What else would you do differently if money was no object?

What inspired me to write this post and request your comments was the answers I get when I ask my clients, “If money were no object, what would you differently?” This takes away this external restriction and opens their minds to the real possibilities and potential they possess. So, let me ask you, dear reader, how would you be different if money were no object? Please share your comment…

Dr. Edward Lewellen is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

Author of The 90-Second Mind Manager