Jan 27, 2015

How to Transcend Your Limits

Picture from www.transcendencethemovie.com

Picture from www.transcendencethemovie.com

You know the feeling. You’ve done all you know to do and, yet, there seems to be this invisible wall that is stopping you. In Corporate America, the term used for being limited in growth and upward mobility is the “Glass Ceiling”. You may be experiencing limits on your ability to produce income. The relationships you build seem to be unfulfilling or you find yourself unconsciously sabotaging them. Your health may have reached a critical point and you only see an undesirable outcome.

All of these situations (and, so many more) are a result of the limits people put on themselves. These limits are not consciously set nor are they consciously self-imposed. So, with these limits being outside of people’s awareness, what can they do to break through and transcend them?

External things aren’t to blame

You may be saying to yourself as you continue to read this post, “It’s _______ that’s causing me not to succeed.” Whatever you filled the blank with is what seems to be the source of your limits; the spouse, the kids, the boss, the person in the cubicle next to you, the economy, the government, or whatever else you put there. Now, here is something important that can change your life:

To believe that any limitation is something external is to believe something else is in control of you and your life.

Why is it important to understand that something external can’t limit you? Because, when you allow something external to be the source of your limitations, you then become a victim and are no longer in control. For many, that’s okay. If something else is in control, then they are freed from responsibility and accountability. Now, if you’re not that type of person, please read on. If you prefer to be a victim without responsibility and accountability, then the rest of the information here won’t be of benefit. This information is only for people who want to build their personal power!

We live in a Cause-and-Effect culture

I hear the expression, “Everything happens for a reason” quite often. From the research I’ve done on languages, the United States is one of the few cultures that embrace that belief. Most cultures believe that many things “just happen”. There isn’t any catalyst or cause. There is no reason. Things just happen. Someone doesn’t ‘make them angry’, they make a decision to become angry…or not. When a train comes along, they have to wait, and they are late for a meeting, they don’t blame the train for somehow knowing they were going to be at that railroad crossing at that specific moment in time and intentionally make them late. (Yes, I’ve observed people thinking this!)

How free can you be?

Consider how freeing it would be to stop blaming external things for you not accomplishing or succeeding as much as you can in life. Instead of playing the victim, you would find the internal resources to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. Instead of becoming emotionally charged over situations that are beyond your control, like the train, you would realize that there were other things that are within your control, like giving yourself more time to get to your meeting. All of the sudden you have regained control of your life! The more you build your belief system with personal responsibility and accountability, the more free you become and the more control you have of your life.

So, if you’ve feel you’ve reached a “Glass Ceiling”, aren’t making the income you want, aren’t finding the relationship(s) you desire, or feel that you’re being held back in some other way in life, stop looking outside of yourself and look inside to find the resources that will empower you to transcend the limits you’ve been experiencing!

As an experienced Executive and Life Coach, I have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed well beyond what you currently believe. With the unique and powerful methodologies I use, your goals can be reached much earlier that you imagined. Let’s have a chat and discover how I can be of assistance to you soon!

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen