Nov 18, 2016

How Procrastination Affects Your Sales

If you read my recent article There is No Such Thing as Procrastination then you know that it really doesn’t exist. The behaviors that have been labeled as “Procrastination” are really the human mind’s way of conserving precious energy. It’s called Ego Depletion. If you’re in sales, then understanding how procrastination, Ego Depletion, and delaying action or decisions is important. Isn’t that fair to say? I’m going to address this subject from two standpoints; 1) Your activities as the salesperson, and 2) How to help your prospect when they delay in activities or decisions. As you consider these, you realize this important information could significantly change your ability to sell and sell more, don’t you?

Procrastination and your sales activities

Imagine that you’ve just woken up and you’re getting ready to start your work day. You’re having your first cup of coffee while you ready your eggs and bacon. You open up your phone and start reviewing your emails that have come through since you checked it last night. There’s an email from your boss asking why you haven’t updated your Salesforce data in the last week, three emails from new clients who are less-than-happy about your product or services, and an email from your sister whom you always dread to hear from. What do you do? You close down your email, open up Facebook and start looking for the most entertaining videos and messages from friends you can find. Procrastination? No, it’s your mind’s way of conserving energy. But, if you read my previous posy, you already know that. More importantly, then, is how do you change this cycle of delay and avoidance so that you become more productive in your profession in sales?

Before I give the answer, I want you to focus back on your internal dialog as you glanced at each of the emails I mentioned. Notice the words you used; words like, “Oh no!”, “I knew I shouldn’t have sold to that person”, “Why does my boss always have to micro-manage me?”, and others that form a negative experience. Beyond the internal dialog, now notice the feelings in your mind and body. Do you sense the stress and how it compounds as you read each email? Do I need to go on? Probably not, since everyone in sales has had this experience and usually more than once. We even many times ask the question, “Why does all of this have to happen at once?”, which increases the stress level even more. It’s like a circular motion that keeps spinning faster and faster making us feel helpless. So, how do you change this cycle of delay and avoidance and stop feeling like a Victim? By using the same technique you used to create it. Yes, you created the stress and desire to avoid acting with your mind and you can create a better experience using your mind, as well. You can start by breaking the thought pattern that’s happening by closing your eyes and imagining the direction the stress is moving. For most people, the stress moves from the stomach up the body through the brain and circles back to the stomach. Next, give it the color RED. Now, clap your hands together and say loudly “STOP!”. The effect this has on the human mind is to create a break in the thought pattern long enough to change it. Now, immediately change the color of the red stress cycle to a soothing blue color, reverse it, and s-l-o-w it down. This takes a huge amount of the stress away, maybe even all of it. With the stress reduced, you can now get a new perspective and have more energy available for positive action. That email from your boss, well, you realize they aren’t micro-managing you, they are asking you to do what is required of all the salespeople to help them forecast sales for their boss. The email from your sister you always dread interacting with, well, you remember she has some difficult circumstances she’s dealing with every day, so you have an opportunity to help her. And those emails from what you thought were irate customers, you read them again and understand that there are easy fixes for each of them, except that one, and it’s just going to require a fact-finding phone call.

Now that you are back in control of your thoughts and feelings, you can make intelligent, thoughtful, choices on what, how and when you will act. Remember, a mind that chooses to think, act, and behave is a powerful, strong and bold Champion, no longer a Victim!

I’ll write another post about how to help your prospect when they delay in activities or decisions, so be on the lookout for it in the near future!

Change you thoughts. Change your life…quickly!

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