Dec 20, 2016

Give the Gift of Lasting Change

This being the season for giving, I thought it was important enough to let you know that you can still give gifts that will hold much meaning for years to come, long after the other gifts have been forgotten. Help them by giving them a real solution instead of letting them make resolutions for 2017!

So, give those you love a gift that’s truly life-changing! From today, 12/20/16, through this Friday, 12/23/16, you can buy gifts that make a difference in the way your loved ones think, look, and feel!

Here are a few examples of what your gift can do for them:
Anger Management
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Marital Difficulties
Communication Skills
Stress Management
Grief and Loss
Domestic Violence
Being More Assertive
Sports Performance
Public Speaking
Fears and Phobias
Panic Attacks
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Accelerated Learning

Order today to take advantage of the special offers below and your loved ones will open up the greatest holiday gift of all — the opportunity to create real, lasting change in their lives.

1 session of coaching or clinical hypnosis​​ – $225 (10% off!)
3 sessions of coaching or clinical hypnosis​ – $600 (20% off!)
5 sessions of coaching or clinical hypnosis – $875 (30% off!)
10 sessions of coaching or clinical hypnosis – ONLY $1500 (40% off!)

Just imagine how 2017 can be so much different for such a small investment!

Change you thoughts. Change you mind…quickly!

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Dr. Edward Lewellen an expert in creating methodologies for people to learn to use their mind; their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, and put them back in control of their lives and become top-producers. He is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

Author of The 90-Second Mind Manager