Nov 23, 2014

Get a 6X ROI for Your Business from this One Activity

According to Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, here are the principle forces that drive the use of executive coaching:

1. Rapidly evolving business environment
2. Individual responsibility for development
3. Financial costs of poor performance
4. Popular development strategy
5. Supports other learning
6. Employees request coaching
7. Need for lifelong learning
8. Improves decision-making
9. Targeted, just-in-time development

Interestingly,Fortune Magazine says that for every dollar spent on Executive Coaching, the ROI is $6+! Now, much of that would depend on who the Executive Coach is, right?

If having Fortune 50 experience is important to you, if having experience working closely with top military personnel is crucial to you, and if the coach is proven to get results in hours that others sadly take months or years to get, then you want to start working with Edward Lewellen right away, before the Lost Opportunities catch up with you!

Edward Lewellen