Jul 02, 2013

Fourth of July – Be Free from “Brain Fog”

Brain FogWith the 4th of July holiday in just a couple of days, I wanted to post on a subject that many of my clients have told me make them feel enslaved.  Many of my clients complain of having “brain fog”, lack of clarity when thinking, unable to remember things, and other related descriptions.  They tell me that it keeps them from feeling confident in the decisions they make, that it slows them down and makes them feel somewhat inadequate.  If you’ve ever felt like that, then read on and discover that there is an answer!

My experience working with my clients is that “brain fog” is a result of stress.  Think back to a time when you were called upon to make a decision under duress.  Did your mind open up and easily consider all the options available?  Or, did it seem as if your mind became constricted and almost shut off?  Most likely, the latter.  When a person gets stressed, the normal ability for the mind to search and find information becomes inhibited.  It looks for the quickest and most apparent answer to relieve the anxiety upon it.  When a person experiences long-term stress, the mind is in a constant “fight-or-flight”, sympathetic nervous system.  When this happens, it seems to result in a loss in clarity of thought.  As I’ve stated many times before, I’m not a medical doctor or psychiatrist, so what I’m sharing is from my experience with my clients.  There is a disease associated with “brain fog” called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS).  Here are some of the symptoms that I have seen in my patients: memory loss, dizziness, poor focusing of eye muscles, poor balance, migraines and pain that is usually described as “burning”.  According to MedicineNet.com, RSDS can be brought on by things such as a trauma, injury or surgery, or from long-term issues, such as the long-term use of certain medicines and degenerative diseases.  I have seen the symptoms of RSDS in clients that have been under intense stress, either external or self-induced, or both, for 6 months or longer.

What do I do to relieve the “brain fog”, pain, and other stress-related symptoms?  By putting a person in a deep state of relaxation, I help them get out of the “rat race” long enough to stop the mind loops that keep them stressed.  I teach them the words to use and the words to avoid in order to minimize stress.  Another thing that helps people to have clarity in thinking is to have clarity in life.  So, I help them understand what is really important in life and bring their life into focus with the “blueprint” they have of the way life should be.

By the way, I’m writing a book titled “The 30-Second Mind Manager” that deals with making decisions under pressure and using the mind’s extraordinary ability to create time, called Time Distortion, to help increase the ability to make the best decisions at all times.

Creating life in forward motion,

Edward Lewellen