Sep 18, 2014

Fear at Work

Your Brain on Fear

Fear is one of the strongest emotions a person feels and exhibits. It’s an emotion we are born with, especially fear of heights and fear of loud noises. Did you know that many of the “management” tactics used in the workplace to drive performance and results are actually counter-productive and cause stress and fear that severely limits their people’s performance?

Investigative Interrogation:
The CIA and many foreign government agencies use the following techniques, and more, when raising the stress level of detainees in order to get compliance:

•Environment control
•Sleep deprivation
•Controlled fear (muzzled dogs)

How does this help them get compliance? The mind wants to conserve its energy as much as possible. When feeling threatened and depleted, it will compromise and find the easiest way out of the overwhelming stress. It shuts down all unnecessary brain activity, such as, creativity and innovation. It becomes immersed in the fight-or-flight activity, which means that it goes into survival mode and all its resources are dedicated to only that. Have you ever experienced this where you work?

Power of the Mind< Is that the reaction you really wanted?
My question to the leaders in companies that I work with is this, “Did you really want to shut off the resourcefulness of your people?” The answer is always an emphatic, “No!” They wanted to frighten their people into action, make them produce more results because of fear; fear of their boss, fear of losing their job, fear of being humiliated in front of their peers, and many other fearful tactics. The human mind doesn’t work that way.

How do you get your people to perform? I’d love to get your thoughts on the best way to open up the positive resources that your people possess…

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen