Sep 16, 2015

Executive Coaching with a Former Sr. Dir. of Sales Training at Hyatt Hotels!

Robin Farrell - Former Sr. Dir. of Sales at Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Robin Farrell – Former Sr. Dir. of Sales at Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Rapid. Illusive. Impactful. Disruptive. Mind-Boggling. Business-Changing

These few words are how people describe what change means to them in the business world. So, why is the former Sr. Dir. of Sales for Hyatt Hotels Corporation and now President of The Farrell Factor smiling so big in the picture above?
There are few things that can offer business executives:

  • the edge on their competition
  • inner peace
  • strong confidence
  • and, the ability to foresee and adapt to change quickly and effectively all together.

    Working with an Executive Coach is considered a long-term engagement where the desired changes and transformation takes place over months, maybe years. Many times, by the time the changes and transformation is made it’s too late. All during those months and years the business world has been changing quicker, faster, and in more disruptive ways. After all the time the coaching consumed, executives find themselves still lagging behind what’s needed and a never-ending loop is created.

    This is great for the coaches and their bank accounts. It’s frustrating for those being coached.

    Please watch and listen to the video where Robin Farrell shares her experience of quick, effective, and even unexpected change and transformation! Once you’re done, reach out to me right away to begin the fast-track to your success

    Dr. Edward Lewellen is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

    Author of The 90-Second Mind Manager