Jun 05, 2014

Downtime for Your Mind – 4 Great Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

With the hectic pace most of us keep, our mind has little time to receive significant rest. Not only is our pace of life fast, but there is the constant barrage of information coming at us. You may be one of those people that have become addicted to that barrage, having become addicted to more and more information coming in and producing a “high”. So much so that, when there is nothing new coming in, you become unsettled and go searching for more. All this creates a high level of stress upon the mind, which has a strong affect on the body. I won’t go into the transition of what goes on in the mind to the effects on the body (called conversion) in this post, as I want to stay on track with only discussing the mind.

The mind has a need for the downtime that it rarely receives, as pointed out above. So, what are the four specific benefits your mind can receive that you want to make sure you don’t miss out on and live the highest quality-of-life?

1) Giving your mind downtime rewires neural circuits and prunes away the connections that are used least and strengthens those used most. (Dr. Ramachandran at San Diego University)

2) Downtime acts like your computer’s defragmentation software, allowing quicker connections, which means quicker thinking. (Dr. Ramachandran at San Diego University)

3) The hippocampus, which is central to memory, is strengthened, thereby increasing the ability to remember and recall information. (Psychology Today)

4) A significant change from negative to positive emotional experiences is made, along with a greatly increased ability to focus. (Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic and ABC News)

How do you achieve this mental downtime? If you have five months, or more, to perfect the art of mediation, that’s one route. A very quick, almost instantaneous option is through the work of a professional and experienced Master Hypnotist. Unlike the portrayals by Hollywood, professional clinical hypnosis is the quickest way to increase your memory, speed up your thinking, strengthen the thoughts, beliefs and abilities you desire, and become the positive person you had hoped to become after reading all those self-help books and attending motivational training and seminars.

When the desire in you to change grows, call me for an appointment. You might consider doing it today.

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen