Jul 06, 2015

Does Your Child Have a Learning Disability?

I saw a Facebook post titled, “College Countdown: An 8 Week Plan to Get Ready”. The post contains a calendar to help parents of students that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and other “mental disabilities” prepare for the upcoming school year. Here’s my question: If you have a child with any of those medical diagnoses, wouldn’t you prefer that they didn’t have to sign up with the Office of Disability Services because they aren’t exhibiting those symptoms anymore? I don’t claim to “cure” any medical conditions. I can say this, though; my clients that used to exhibit the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities have learned to become fully functional. They have told me that they are experiencing life in a much fuller, happier way than before. Even more than that, I have successfully help clients to achieve Accelerated Learning. Isn’t it time you learned more?

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(Dr. Lewellen is NOT a medical doctor. He does not prescribe medicines and he never recommends his clients to stop taking medicines prescribed by medical professionals. He holds a Doctorate of Divinity.)