Entrepreneur, consultant, Laugh Yoga instructor and TV host, Claire Billingsley, shares her experience working with Dr. Edward Lewellen and hear the excitement in her voice as let’s you know how good it feels to have a high level of confidence through extraordinary results!

One of my many Financial Adviser clients shared there story with me on 1/1/18. This is just two weeks into my 30-day process! Extraordinary!

LINDA HAWES tells how Dr. Edward Lewellen has impacted her business and, more importantly, her life! Words can hardly express the positive impact! (Notice her intensity!)

Want massive transformation like one of my clients who recently had a life and business-changing experience while working with me? Watch the short video to learn more as she shares her phenomenal story!!!

Teenage girl overcoming long-term depression in one session
“My daughter and I have both seen Dr Lewellen. I had back issues and was in a lot of pain. I also was stressed and sad due to my mom’s passing. He helped me with all those issues. My daughter was depressed and had seen a therapist for the last year and a half, even though she still has her blue moments and feeling sad. After the first session she was totally different, she seems happier and spends time with the family instead of staying her room all the time. Thank you!!! M. Gillis”

Peace of Mind Through Transformation
“I had the privilege of meeting Edward through LinkedIn. After a brief phone consult I decided to do some work with. I flew down to Texas from Ontario Canada and in my view it was one of the best investments ever made. Through his techniques I was able to let go of some baggage around stress and how I perceived it, develop more self confidence that was already there just dormant and a sense of peace that I never experienced. Edward puts Heart into his work and has a ton of integrity. Deepest Gratitude Edward and looking forward to learning more from you!” – Robert Martin, Senior Automotive Financial Services Manager/ Sales Manager

Thought Transformation
“Ed Lewellen is an amazing people person and hypnotist. I had the pleasure of working with Ed a few months ago where he completely turned my thought process around. He is a very creative and spiritual professional man who truly understands how to tap into your thought process. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for a spiritual leader who can turn around your frame of mind.” – Deanna Blair

Real Estate Sales Success Story!
Rebeca_Bermudez_Edward_Lewellen“My name is Rebeca and I would recommend a session with Ed to anyone in the world but particularly if you are in sales of any kind. After one session with Ed I was able to let go of a lot of insecurities and mindsets that were blocking me from coming out of my shell and taking on my business. After our session I have experienced increased self-confidence and a much better ability at communicating with others in a way that I can get my point across and influence people. Not to mention the benefits that it has done for my personal life, if you are looking to make a change in your life and have an open mind this is the way to do it.”
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Here’s another Realtor Success Story!
“I am grateful to work with Dr. Ed Lewellen. My sessions with him have been beneficial.

1. I rest better at night. Before my first meeting with Dr. Lewellen, I sometimes tossed and turned many hours before finally falling asleep. My mind would not “turn off”, Even when I finally fell asleep, I’d wake up a number of times throughout the night. I went to bed tired and I’d wake up tired. Since seeing Dr. Lewellen the first time, I sleep through the night and wake up rested.
2. I work with more focus. Prior to the first session, no matter how carefully I planned a day’s schedule or a ‘things to do’ list, I would be frustrated at the end of most days because a number of my planned tasks were incomplete. Now it seems I complete tasks more quickly, with more focus, and get so much more done during the course of the day.
3. I am more relaxed. Even when I have a lot to do, i.e. showings, listing appointments, writing offers or other administrative, I’m not stressed and I don’t feel ‘hurried’. I seem to be able to take it all in stride, deal with each task as it comes along, and then move to the next without feeling overwhelmed. It has not been like that for me before. Before meeting with Dr Lewellen, I felt stressed and overwhelmed, like I was being ‘consumed’.
4. I look forward to working each day. I look forward to making goals for 2016. I look forward to working and learning how to be a better Realtor.
5. I am better able to articulate my thoughts.
6. I’ve always enjoyed people… I seem to enjoy them even more now.
7. I no longer feel ‘guilty’ for taking time to relax.
8. My outlook on life and business seems different… a positive shift. I’m having more fun than I believe I’ve had in my entire life.

If there are others who feel they would like to feel more “freedom” in their attitudes and also freedom from some negative influences from their past, I feel it would be helpful to have a session (or several) with Dr. Lewellen.” – C.Y.

Executive Coaching

Rapid. Illusive. Impactful. Disruptive. Mind-Boggling. Business-Changing

These few words are how people describe what change means to them in the business world. So, why is the former Sr. Dir. of Sales for Hyatt Hotels Corporation and now President of The Farrell Factor smiling so big in the picture above?

Pain Management

Listen as a recently returned veteran tells of his amazing transformation through hypnosis! I apologize that the video is incomplete. I hope to get a better, longer, and more complete testimonial from the veteran so that our military men and women can discover that there is hope for many of the emotional and physical hurts, habits, and limiting beliefs they acquired during their service.

I THANK YOU & MY FAMILY THANKS YOU Ed!! I have had Auto Immune/RA for 8 1/2 years now. I refused to take Rx drugs due to the deadly side effects. So, needless to say, I have just learned to “live” with the continual/debilitating pain, emotionally & physically. My boss and I met Ed Lewellen several months ago but were very skeptical, and somewhat judgmental of his “hypnotherapy”. Until a couple of weeks ago. My boss came in limping from a 30 mile marathon. His knee was bandaged and he was in much pain. Ed said he could help his pain so my boss decided to give in and try his method. After 10 minutes my boss comes out with a look of “disbelief” on his face. His PAIN WAS GONE!!! So, I decided to try it. After 5 minutes, I felt SUCH EMOTIONAL RELIEF and to my surprise, PAIN RELIEF!!!! My toes have been curled under for years due to RA. For the first time in 8 1/2 years, I can see my toes!! My co-worker noticed immediately when I walked up back to the desk right after the session. My daughter and husband noticed when I got home that night. In addition to this, since my session with Ed, I am sleeping so much better!! I AM A LIVING/WALKING TESTIMONY! I have a son with hip pain that Ed fixed as well!!! I cannot begin to express my UNENDING GRATITUDE to Ed!! God has used you mightily!! By: Cathy Wolters on Facebook

The following was shared by Cydney Sullivan on Facebook:
I was in an accident about 4 months ago where I had to have 6 vertebra fused together with a 12’ rod in my back and I broke both wrist, with a metal plate in one (I am now an official card carrier to get through airports!) It has been a remarkable recovery and I totally believe it has been because of the power of prayer. I also believe putting awesome nutrition in my body from Genesis Pure has helped. Well, I have just taken my healing process to the next level. I got hypnotized by Ed Lewellen this past Thursday. I always have a significant level of pain. Before Ed came over, I would say I was about at a level of 5. I had not taken any pain meds in the morning, plus I put it in high gear and swept my floors before he came! Ha! After our “session”, I had no pain! It has been 3 days and I have been sewing and painting all weekend, and I still have no pain. On a good day, after all I have done, my back would be killing me – but still I am pain free. I don’t know the how’s or why’s, but I do know that after spending less than an hour with Ed, I feel amazing. I am so thankful for the way God has wired our brains and that he sent Ed Lewellen to help me get over this huge hurdle!

Another client had pain that ‘felt like cactus needles’ in the bottom of his feet for more than 10 years. Again, after one session, he said: “I’m feeling well rested and pain free! I feel so good it’s scary. Slept like a rock!” John

The following client, Larry, had become almost non-functional; either by the headaches he was experiencing daily, or the pain killers used to mask the pain. He had been on increasing dosages of pain medication for four years. After only one session, here is what he wrote:
“We are doing great. Just wished I had done this earlier. Still on MAOI for a while, so I still have to watch my diet but that’s okay. If you think I need a follow up, let me know. This is the best I have felt in years. This is great!” Larry


Roger S.
Ed, after just two days, I have already noticed several things. First, my neck is no longer stiff. I notice that I get a smile on my face when I go into deep thought [instead of a frown]. I have an improved sense of focus [previously unfocused because of ADD]. Love it! Thank you!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Lisa Ruelas on Facebook:
I went to his (Ed Lewellen’s) office and got hypnotized to help me cope with the loss of my son. I wasn’t doing well before with 6-7 anxiety attacks a day and having nightmares also I was taking meds for that and it didn’t really help. But ever since being hypnotized I only had to take my meds once! This really helped and if I could go back I would.

“It was a simple technique that I never thought of but, it actually helped and its crazy funny that I’m smiling now thinking of it! Thank you so much for getting rid of my PTSD!!!” Johnny T.

Weight Loss

Hi Ed,
I’m feeling great actually. Yesterday I could only eat when I was actually hungry and not because I wanted to munch. I do feel satisfied (full) faster when eating and I somehow lost 2 lbs, lol. I didn’t get to go to the gym yesterday because we had an event to go to but I plan on going today…the event last night had so much food and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel the need to try everything, I was not interested in more than the little I did try!…

I have notice that I’ve been more patient, even graceful if you will. Even two times yesterday, something happened where I normally would have lost my cool but I didn’t. I’m continuing to only give myself 90 secs to feel that emotion and naturally, that’s all it has lasted. I know it’s only the second day so I will know more next week but I’m very, very excited. My brother in-law and possibly my mom want to make an appointment with you soon. I gave them your card. Bianca

About 3 weeks ago I saw Ed Lewellen regarding my weight issues and motivation. I must admit, I was skeptical to the idea that someone has the power to transform my thinking. WOW, was I wrong. Yes I said wrong, I walked into his office feeling down about my problems, and walked out of his office feeling really good. As if a weight had been lifted. Prior with meeting him I worked out at a gym for the social event, meaning: A friend went, I went. I must be honest that didn’t happen often. I hated the gym, I felt I was the laugh of the people there and ended up leaving 20-minutes later. Since seeing Ed, I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times per week, working out about 45-minutes between my (school) classes and feeling great about being there. I have lost weight since seeing Ed and I can’t wait to see where I am in a few months. WITH THE HELP OF TRANSFORMATIVE THINKING, TOGETHER, WE HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!! THANK YOU, ED, SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL HYPNOSIS SESSION!!! (Vanessa Wait)

Another client, Sherry, sent the following email to me two weeks after her session:
Hi! How are you this morning? I am doing well…I have lost 13 lbs. I am doing so well with the eating.. I have never eaten fast food since. My weight loss did slow down but I keep losing! I talk to (another client she referred to me) every morning on the way to work..lol He is doing pretty well too… He said it is weird how he does not want all the carbs anymore… I have to be honest I am just really starting to kick in the exercise part now..so I will keep in touch and let you know how that changes everything!

Nansii D.
“Hi Ed. Just wanted to stop by and thank you again for helping me to overcome some bad habits in a much easier way. Honest to goodness, no pun intended, I can actually smell the sweetness of oranges when I think of healthy foods. We have had mega sweets in the office all week long and I touched NOTHING!!!! Oh, and I have let go of a few extra pounds too!! — feeling happy.”

“I had my session at 8:00 in the morning. For lunch, I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. When I left I realized I didn’t eat a single tortilla chip and I usually eat a whole basket all by myself! When I got back to work my coworkers were surprised when I threw out my Dr. Pepper that I normally drink all afternoon and just drank water. The hypnosis worked really quickly!” Kim W.

Sales Performance

Read about a client, Hussain Lakhani, that massively changed his sales abilities AND his family life:
“Before I went to Ed Lewellen to get help I was different person. I was always scared and worried of being failure I was not able to perform well with my work or with my family and I was struggling. I did not have enough appointments and my production level was at the bottom. Ed helped me to overcome my fear of getting rejected or becoming a failure with his coaching and hypnosis sessions! I am able to perform well now I am one of the top performers in the company! Ed has totally changed me now and I believe in me and my attitude towards life and my work has changed. I love my work and my attitude towards my family has also changed. I am very thankful for this change that he has brought in me in a short period of time and I am sure if I come across anyone who is in the same situation as I was I will direct him to Ed Lewellen.”

Smoking Cessation

Brandy sent the following to me about a year after her hypnosis session:
Dr. Lewellen,
I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you. You may not remember me… but I had one session with you in December to quit smoking after several years of doing so. Since I walked out of your office I haven’t had another one. And what’s even better, I have no desire to!! You have changed my life. Thank you

Listen to this U.S. military veteran says about his experience: