Nov 18, 2015

Change Your Mind to Change the World


“To change the world, you must change yourself first” is an expression I wholeheartedly believe. I have the privilege of helping people make significant changes every day, which means I get to help change the world every day. It may be something as simple as changing a long-standing habit, like smoking or drug addiction, yet, when a person changes and transforms to become someone better than they were before, their entire world changes for the better. Their family becomes closer. Their friends either grow and change with them or they find new friends who raise them even higher. More happiness and success is drawn to them. The smallest ripple-effect from the positive changes flow outward beyond measure.

I have helped scores of veterans (at little or no charge) to mitigate the symptoms of medically diagnosed PTSD, along with Survivor’s Guilt and hyper-vigilance.

I have helped many women who were victims of Domestic Violence (at little to no charge) to quickly remove the emotions that were causing them the emotional pain of feeling depressed, anxious, low self-esteem, and fear. I have helped the physical pain of fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, and many other types of pain be washed away almost instantly.

I have helped people who were suicidal come back from the “edge” and live full-productive lives. I have helped people who had been indoctrinated into cults become released from that bondage and live with a free mind again.

More than removing the negative effects, I helped people to discover positive beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors to replace the negative, causing them to find satisfaction, fulfillment, trust, and so much more returning to their lives. Imagine this being like removing malware from your computer and how well it runs without all of the malware, virus’, and other items polluting it. Your computer runs better than it ever has before!

Even better, all of this happens usually in a matter of less than 5 hours total. Amazing? Yes! Unbelievable? No! I have witnessed it hundreds of times. Just suppose, now, that this was to be multiplied exponentially across the globe. Imagine what that would mean for mankind…

That’s exactly what I want to do! I want to apply this type of mental change on a massive scale. To accomplish this, I released my newest book, The 90-Second Mind Manager, on June 15, 2015 with the goal of starting a change initiative called The 90-Second Mind Manager Global Initiative. In the book, I describe a process that helps people easily live with reduced stress in their lives. I proffer a system that goes far beyond The Secret, goes past the teachings of Self-Development gurus, extracts the best pieces from the ancient teachings of Mindfulness, devises a way to discover the core Identity of who a person is (their Personal Point of Power), and aggregates these into a simple, focused process that takes less than 90-seconds to implement.

Imagine a world with less stress and people who are in full control of their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. What would you be like with this knowledge and personal power? Your family? Your community? Your city, state, and nation? Your government?

This is my vision of The 90-Second Mind Manager Global Initiative! If you see yourself being part of this spectacular, global vision, then now is the time to take action and help make it a reality. I’m asking for help from:

1) People who are my friends and acquaintances
2) People who know me as a business professional and the contribution and value I bring to the world
3) People who see value in changing the world to become peaceful and with a higher self-worth

How can you help? Because of my love for people and a desire to help them, much of my work has been done at little or no charge , sometimes to the detriment to my business and my family. Taking this initiative to the world requires money and I’m using Crowdfunding to make it a reality. By making a donation that matches your desire to see this dramatic and wonderful change in our world, you can feel satisfaction knowing that you helped make the world a better place. Whether your donation helps me help the next veteran, Domestic Violence victim, or it allows me to travel to meet with people who can influence change on a large scale, you can be certain you will feel good about contributing.

Another way to contribute is by making introductions to people of influence who can connect me with those in government positions who want to see the world change and have the ability to act upon that desire.

In May of 2016, I’ll be speaking to a global audience and believe this is just one way that the right “doors” will be opened to make this a reality. More on that to come soon!

Is this an audacious goal! Most certainly! And, with your help, it can happen quicker, faster, and more far reaching. So, what are you waiting for?!!! Click here to donate now!

Dr. Edward Lewellen is a Master Executive Coach, leadership and sales expert, and keynote speaker for some of the largest global organizations.

Author of The 90-Second Mind Manager