Mar 08, 2015

Cancer, Pain, Surgery and other Medical Fields are Using Hypnosis

150,000 women each year undergo breast surgery. After many years of falling into obscurity in the U.S., hypnosis is making a tremendous comeback, not only in the field of breast cancer, but in the field of medicine, in general. I invite you to watch the following video and see what Dr. Barry Ramo (a staff cardiologist for the New Mexico Heart Institute and holds medical professorships at the University of New Mexico and Duke University) has to say about using hypnosis for cancer, pain and surgery.

For many years I’ve shared the benefits of hypnosis and the results I’ve had that are nothing short of miraculous. People that experienced pain for 10+ years and their pain medications were no longer working for them found immediate relief after I worked with them. People suffering from the results of chemotherapy found immediate relief from the pain and the lesions. I’ve successfully used hypnosis for dental surgery. And, a there is a huge benefit to the medical community and patients…the cost savings!

Amazingly, some people still want to dismiss the effectiveness of hypnosis, even with all of the documented evidence of its efficacy. Once you’ve viewed the above video, please contact me right away to discover a wonderful resource for helping you, or a loved one, through difficult times.

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen