Oct 17, 2017

Beyond a Million Dollar Producer


I have found it interesting to hear the stories from the Financial Advisers I’ve worked with, and those I haven’t, about their desire to produce a million dollars plus each year. Beyond the earnings, they want the prestige of being onstage, receiving accolades and awards, large bonuses and all the peripherals of being the top of the top producers.

In the past, they’ve hired the coaches others are hiring. They follow the same checklist of same strategies others are using. They try to imitate the others next to them in the office. All of this means they are getting the same results as all the others using those coaches and their strategies.

Interestingly, what they are doing is what they discourage their clients from doing; following a herd mentality. If you’re a Financial Adviser reading this, then you know what I’m talking about. You’ve had clients follow the free-fall when the stock market dips, adding to the velocity of the fall. You’ve had clients place an order for an investment which you knew wasn’t solid, yet, they had friends and relatives telling them that the stock was ‘the next big thing’. You’ve had clients follow the crowd and switch a portion of their portfolio to a Robo-Adviser with the desire to save on fees.

Because you are an Adviser, you encourage your clients to think for themselves and that their strategy is planned just for them, right? The strategy you put in place is to help them reach their personal goals, being aware of their risk tolerance, and other specific needs, wants, and desires they have, which the herd, the crowd, and the Robo-Advisers don’t take into account.

So, if you, as a Financial Adviser, discourage your clients from following the herd mentality, then why are you following the same mental process as so many others to build your book-of-business? If you want to become part of the elite in your industry, then it’s time to do what the elite do!

Like so many other aspects of life, business, sales, and sports, the difference between those that excel and those that are mediocre is mindset, not skill-set. You’ve seen two people use the same strategy, but, one is mediocre (at best) and the other is at the top of their company. What was the difference? Execution, internal drive, internal motivation. In other words, mindset; the internal dialog they have with themselves along with their beliefs about themselves and their abilities.

Other examples are the top CEO’s, top athletes, and top salespeople in the world. What do they do different than the herd following behind them? They train themselves mentally using visualization, meditation, and mindfulness. These tools are very powerful in themselves, but, when aggregated, they form an even more powerful tool, a tool so powerful that the results seem too good to be true. And, that’s what I have created and have used to help Financial Advisers produce results you would think are unbelievable…except, I have written and video testimonials to prove the outcomes!

One client was about to close his Financial Advisory practice when he decided to hire me before taking that major step. He had consulted with the usual coaches and mentors and still wasn’t able to get his practice where it needed to be. Why? He had negative “tapes” running in his head, which means that all the usual coaching, planning, and rah-rah speeches couldn’t work because those are all external. His problems were coming from inside his own mind, which means the solution had to come from the inside. After working with me, he said, “I definitely feel a strong sense of action. My hesitation and over analyzing have lessened.” 2 weeks later he closed his largest client ever worth $5.4 million! This client has since moved on to become a Partner in a financial firm.

Another client came to me about mid-way through 2014. His goal was to be at the top of his company by year’s end, yet, he had sold only $60,000 of services so far that year. In the following six months after working with me, this client sold $1.2 million in services! 20X the previous six months!

The last example I’ll share is of a Financial Adviser who was moving to a new broker. She needed to move $35 million of her book-of-business in 15 months to get a large bonus. Again, her internal belief system said she couldn’t do it. She had fear, doubt, and worry. After hearing me speak at an event, she called me, hired me, and in just two months sold $40 million from her book-of-business! (Had it not been for the new DOL regulation, it would have been just one month.)

Do you want to produce $1,000,000+ over the next 12 months? Then it’s time to do something different. Stop following the herd. Separate yourself from the crowd. And, when you decide to take this step now, be ready for your entire life to become everything you’ve wanted it to be…and, more!

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