Mar 28, 2016

Best Client Testimonial Video Contest


If you are a client of mine and love the instant transformation and change you were able to make, I encourage you to enter my contest for Best Client Testimonial! Here’s what you have the opportunity to win!!!

3rd Place – One (1) FREE entry for yourself, or someone of your choice, for one of my Stop Smoking seminars ($75 Value!)
2nd Place – One (1) FREE coaching/hypnosis session for yourself, or someone of your choice ($250 Value!)
1st Place – Two (2) FREE coaching/hypnosis sessions for yourself, or people of your choice ($500 Value!)

Here’s what I’ll be judging on:

1) Content – My future clients want to know details of how you’ve changed so that they can know what to expect. For example, some of you have said that “both my personal life and professional life have changed for the better.” My future clients want to know, “In what ways?” How much more productive are you now than before? Is your personal life better because you and your spouse get along better? Are you noticing positive changes in your children because you’re more relaxed? Things such as those.

2) Delivery – I’ll be looking for sincerity and enthusiasm in the delivery. You don’t have to be bouncing off the walls, just show the natural enthusiasm that flows from you because you feel better and are much more relaxed. For instance, notice this video by my client, Michael Sanford:

3) Quality – There’s no need to have your video shot professionally. A cell phone video is fine, if done well. I’ll use Michael Sanford’s video as an example, again. His video was recorded using a cell phone.

4) Length – Your video should be between 2 – 5 minutes, which gives you enough time to share your content and still not be so long future clients won’t watch it in its entirety.

Be sure to read the rules below and now go make a great testimonial video!!!


1) All videos must be submitted to Edward Lewellen no later than 5:00 PM Central Time on 4/8/2016 to be included in the contest. Please notify Edward Lewellen when your video is ready and you will be provided a Dropbox to upload it. If the format works on YouTube, then it is in the proper format. The format MUST work on YouTube!

2) Edward Lewellen is the sole judge of the contest and all decisions are final. There is no cash value for any of the awards, which means that none of the awards can be exchanged for monetary value.

3) All videos submitted become owned in their entirety by Edward Lewellen and Transformative Thinking and can be used, at their discretion, for marketing on any media they desire and without any compensation to the people submitting the videos. This includes all videos which are not chosen for an award.

4) If three, or fewer, videos are submitted, then no prizes will be awarded.