May 12-15, 2016

What would it be like to have an inexhaustible amount of creativity in your organization? Suppose you could jump light years ahead of your competition through innovation, how would that make you feel? And, imagine your company being more profitable than it is now and have the ability to sustain that profitability for years to come, what would that do for you? This is the vision of the global organization, People Before Profit, which is officially launching May 12-15, 2016.

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The conference in May with speakers from around the globe that include: a consultant and speaker to the United Nations and over 50 international conferences, a Neuroscientist, TED Talk presenters, and so many more who are true thought leaders. You can find out more here:

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Venue for upcoming events for Stealth Communication on February 17th and March 24,25: The Sterling Building 5751 Kroger Drive, Keller, TX 76244



ED LEWELLEN EVENT_Stealth_Communication
This FREE event is a precursor to the massively impactful full 2-day training on March 24, 25!


Dr. Lewellen spoke at The King’s University at Gateway on the topic “The Power of the Mind”. Dr. David Lewis was the host and he conducts a fantastic class on psychology at the university. The students were engaged and interactive. Five volunteered to participate in a demonstration of the power of the mind through the use of Mind Science (Hypnosis).


‘The New Normal’ Business World
Written by The Irving Rambler Staff

By Will Jukes

Hackberry Creek Country Club hosted Ed Lewellen for a two-day conference titled ‘Reinventing Yourself in the New Normal Business World’ April 4th and 5th. The conference featured two days of talks and presentations that sought to educate businesspeople about changes taking place in the modern business world.

According to Lewellen, organizer of the conference and an experienced speaker, this ‘new normal’ is characterized by fluidity and individuality. Where before an employee could expect to spend their entire career in one company working as part of a team assigned to a given task, today jobs are less secure—in the next 5 years 60% of jobs are expected to be contract—and a worker needs to get noticed if they want to succeed.

Besides presentations on personal branding and making oneself an asset, the conference included an overview of the state of the healthcare and industry and the direction it will take in the near future.

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