Feb 05, 2014

A Challenge to Sales-Driven Organizations

Do sales make a difference to you and your organization?  Actually, I don’t know of any organization where sales aren’t important!  It doesn’t matter whether it is a for-profit, not-for-profit, religious, or any other type of organization, sales are important.  Because your time is important, I want to immediately address the challenge I’m making to all sales-driven organizations and then share with you why it’s so very important for you to fully consider taking the challenge.


‘Give me your tired cold-callers, your poor performers, your huddled salespeople yearning for sales, your close-to-being-terminated masses of your company.’  OK, so not all of your low performers.  Just one.  Give me (up to) one day to work with a low-performing salesperson of your choice and I’ll turn them into at top-performer.**

Why it’s very important for you to fully consider taking the challenge

If you were to create a list of the most common reasons you aren’t making the sales revenue that you would like, low-performing salespeople is most likely in the top two. Here are some costs to think about when you replace a low-performing salesperson:

  • Recruiting
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Training and ramp-up time (Sales training, internal processes, etc.  This may be in-house and/or oursourced)
  • Management time (Avg. time a manager spends dealing with employee issues is 60%.  This is much higher for low-perfomers and new employees.)
  • Lost sales opportunities (This can be due to the ramp-up period, inefficiency of the new salesperson, yet-to-be-found-out poor job/company fit, etc.)
  • Indirect costs (Brand reputation, low morale, strain on the sales manager’s time and resources, etc.)

Depending on who you listen to, replacing a salesperson costs around 150% of their salary.  I have seen articles that indicate even full-commission salespeople cost around $15,000 to turnover.  But, let’s say your organization is one that offers a true base salary and that salary is $40,000.  You turnover 5 people per year.  What amount of money do you lose to turnover each year?

  • $40,000 X 150% = $60,000
  • $60,000 X 5 = $300,000

Of course, if you pay a higher salary and/or turnover more than 5 people each year, then your cost will be more.

What if there was an innovative, predictable, sustainable way to eliminate the reasons and excuses of salespeople performing poorly, along with all the costs associated with it?  By taking the challenge I’m offering you TODAY, you have the opportunity to keep the vast majority of those dollars that are flying out of your organization’s door.  And, it’s a no-risk, high-potential offer!

So, contact me today!  Because the longer you wait to get started, the more money is leaving your bank account!

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen



**Here are the requirements to participate in the challenge:

  1. Meeting with the sales leadership in the participating organization and decide on the details surrounding the low-performer and parameters of a top 5% performer
  2. Meeting with the low-performer to get their buy-in for participation
  3. Establish the compensation I will receive when I turn a low-performer into a top 5% performer (This is based on the person’s meeting the criteria of a top 5%performer within one sales cycle of my working with them)
  4. Determine when the low-performer can devote up to a full day to working with me.