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Dr. Edward Lewellen, Master Executive Coach, has a strong history in working with individuals and teams to produce amazing results! Having clients among the top companies in their industries (defense contracting, hotels, petroleum, consulting, and more) you’ll discover transformations and changes to become everything you want to be at your fingertips.

Edward Lewellen…when you’re ready to become everything you want to be!

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I really enjoyed Ed Lewellen’s presentation on “Creating Calm Out of Chaos”. It was a positive experience and being hypnotized was weird and fun. Ed is very relatable and had a lot of knowledge regarding how the brain works; which has peeked my interest. I left feeling joyful as if I was walking on air and the feeling has continued. Also, being hypnotized included me getting three nights of some good sleep–which was needed!!!! What I took away from it was that we all have a choice on how we decide to look at a situation, so choose to see the good in all things.

Patrice P., Cancer Support Community

Hello Ed,

I haven’t been able to reach you today. My life has been massively better. Yesterday I started to have some trouble again, but am still 90% better.

I no longer tell myself “I don’t care” or “It’s not important” on so many important things. This is first time I have experienced that in 20 years. Stunning!

Lloyd C.